A piñata is a papier-mâché cardboard container which is decorated with colourful crepe paper and filled with sweets used in parties. It is used in many celebrations like birthdays, Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

Mainly, there are two kinds: the first which are hit with a stick and the second (more modern) which are pull-string ones with many different coloured ribbons but only one ribbon pulls a trapdoor.

Piñatas are most commonly associated with Mexico, but its origins are considered to be in China. Today, the piñata is still part of the culture of Mexico, Latino countries and the USA, but it has mostly lost its religious character. A typical Mexican piñata is the one with seven points. This pot represents evil and the sweets inside, the temptations of evil. The person with the stick is blindfolded to represent faith.

As the participant beats the piñata, it is supposed to represent the struggle against temptation and evil. When the piñata breaks, the treats inside, then, represent the rewards of keeping the faith.

Today, pinatas come in various shapes like guitars, tiaras, treasure chests, dinosaurs and cartoon characters. If you would like a piñata for your child's party, just let us know three weeks before and make sure you have somewhere where to hang it.

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