About Us

Animators full of sparkle and imagination where your child's dreams come true and the source from which Party Planit was created.

The fact that we are parents helps with understanding what goes through the parent's minds when planning a party, to get the maximum value and service for your money's worth. 

Your kids might think a birthday party at home sounds boring, but it shouldn't be and at the same time you don't want to have a nervous breakdown and it would be nice to think your house would still be standing after the event.

Why Party Planit?

We will help you turn your child into an action hero or into a fabulous princess with our pinch of fun-inspiring play.

Let us create magical moments with our fun-designed activities such as felt board storytelling, sing alongs, dancing, pretend play and crafts.

Such happy times are surely to be embedded into your child's memories with the bonus of developmental benefits which instill:

  • confidence which promotes creativity, self expression, good self esteem and feelings of security,
  • social skills like cooperation which is essential for living in a happy family.


Invite us to your child's party and make sure that your guests will go home and tell their Mummies and Daddies how wonderful it was.